"When we begin the day with an intention and conscious affirmation, it frees our soul to commit to whatever it is we are looking for, or don't even know we are seeking. In a day designed to free the soul, we began with the affirmation, "Like an ocean wave I am pulsing with a divine life-force"... 

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"Heidi Rayden of Rayden Productions presents Free Your Soul, a solution for time-starved Angelenos that are looking for a little pattern interrupts from their busy lives. Rayden has created an intimate and welcoming event that caters to the Angeleno Yoga community and first-time Yoga Students" 

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Heidi - Bravissimo! A standing ovation for a brilliant production and an amazing, poignant, and inspirational day. You managed to perfectly cast and execute this retreat. For all who are open and willing, the experience is divine and the result transformational. My deepest thanks and gratitude to you for creating this unique experience and sharing it so intimately and whole heartedly with others.
Shelley Seckel - "Vision Magazine"

Just wanted you to know that Kalimba and I had such a lovely time at your "Free your Soul" 1 day yoga event. We thought that the details you added: the rose petals, the tea, the goddess cards, the orange, lemon and tangerine branches and the gifted green Buddha's at the end were the perfect touch. You created a first class environment at one of the most beautiful locations in Los Angeles- well done!
Danielle Bisutti “Musician, actress”, Kalimba Bennet “Actress”

Thanks again for a lovely retreat. You made my week and that of many others! Now if only these were bi-weekly?
Farsam Shadab – "Conscious Business Practitioner"

I had a wonderful time at the retreat. It was just what I needed. I will definitely recommend further events to my friends!
Charmaine Cruz - "Writer, Director, Actor”

"The Free Your Soul retreat was a fantastic day of relaxation and spiritual awakening! The location was with Rudy on the patio overlooking the ocean was amazing...a practice I will never forget! The delicious and healthy snacks kept our energy up for the next segment...David Wygant, the 'Dating Doctor' gave an interesting and spot-on talk about the interpersonal dynamics between men/women and dating - which sparked some great conversations with fellow attendees. A healthy lunch was served and the day concluded with Kirtan chanting in a beautiful and relaxing environment....Heidi and her staff were very warm and engaging..and not one detail was overlooked in the planning of this terrific retreat. I walked away feeling renewed and energized! Thank you Heidi! I look forward to your next retreat! "
Hannah Bubis - "Regional Sales Manager, Did-it Search Marketing"