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Colbie Caillat & Kevin Nealon Support Farm Sanctuary! 

I have great admiration for celebrities who lend their name to charitable organizations and was pleased to interview Kevin Nealon, Colbie Calliat, Jennifer Coolidge and James Costa who came out to support Farm Sanctuary at a recent celebrity poker event I covered for VegNews Magazine.

Live music by Grammy Award winning singer Colbie Calliat, poker on the rooftop of the Peterson Automotive Building, evening city lights dazzling in the background and yummy food by Veggie Grill were part of the evening festivities to raise money for this incredible organization.

Watch the video above to hear what these celebrities have to say about a Vegan lifestyle and see Colbie Caillat perform live! Until next time, Namaste.  



Food Yogi’s Eat : The Connection between Yoga & a Plant Based Diet 

Back in the day when the most important thing was where the next party was happening…I couldn’t imagine my life would turn into studying the Bhagavad Gita, teaching yoga, a Vegan diet and a big night out was an evening of Kirtan.  My how we change!

The foundations of yoga philosophy were recorded in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali thousands of years ago. Through the study of the Yoga Sutras, Yoga has taught me to take better care of both my spiritual & physical self.

At the core of the Sutra’s is an eight-limbed path that forms the structural framework for a yoga practice. The first two limbs are Yamas (the attitude we have toward things and people outside ourselves) and the Niyamas (how we relate to ourselves inwardly). 

The Yamas are broken down into five key principals, the first one being Ahimsa – or non violence.  This principal is what has drawn many in the Yoga community to adopt a vegetarian and vegan diet. Watch the video above to hear from gifted Los Angeles Yoga teachers, Kia Miller, Seane Corn, Tommy Rosen, Felicia Tomasko & M.C. Yogi when I caught up with them for at Santa Monica's first Tadasana Festival.  


El Pueblo Historical Monument 

If you are a regular to my blog or if this is your first visit, you’ve probably figured out that I love Los Angeles. I love the culture, diversity, nature and even the history of this magical town therefore History is the theme for today’s Free Your Soul moment!

Did you ever stop to wonder how Los Angeles became the sprawling mega city it is today? It probably didn’t occur to you that settlers walked from the present-day Mexican northwest states of Sonora and Sinaloa establishing Los Angeles on September 4th, 1781.

These settlers established the very first streets in Los Angeles, adobe buildings and the central plaza named El Pueblo Historical Monument.  Thanks in part to the incredible conservation efforts of Christine Sterling, many of the original structures from this time period still stand today!

For today’s Free Your Soul moment, you can tour the oldest adobe residential home in Los Angeles, see inside L.A.’s very first firehouse & marvel at the impressive Pico House – L.A.’s very first luxury hotel. Generally not open to the public, we even got an inside look at the hotel!

Hopefully this video inspires you to take your own trip to El Pueblo Historical Monument and enjoy the birthplace of our wonderful city. For more information visit


Farm Sanctuary 

There are two awe inspiring facts I recently discovered: 1) cows like to lick people the same way our beloved cats and dogs do and 2) a full grown cow can weigh up to 3000pounds! If you need to see this with your own eyes to believe it, check out the video above I shot for  

In this week’s Free Your Soul moment we meet Peanut, the playful, loving cow who follows us around on the shoot, along with his fellow cow friend who weighs 3000 pounds, giant sleeping pigs, flirting turkeys and a snuggling goat called Prince. These amazing creatures reside just 45minutes north of Hollywood in Acton, CA and for just $5 you can arrange your very own tour.

Farm Sanctuary is an incredible organization that rescues educates and advocates rights for abused farm animals. Factory farming is a global issue built on an attitude that animals and the natural world are commodities to be exploited fro profit. The practice of Factory Farming has led to unimaginable animal cruelty and massive environmental destruction.

Please support Farm Sanctuary by at least going to their site and learning more about what they do, educate yourselves about how your food is produced and go visit Peanut to experience the limitless love these creatures offer. Until next time...Namaste.